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The Tenagra Ticket Exchange provides a marketplace where individuals can buy and sell tickets to sports, concerts, comedy and theatre events worldwide. We host it as a courtesy to our friends. At any given time, more than 8 million tickets are listed for sale by thousands of different sellers and for tens of thousands of different events. The Tenagra Ticket Exchange also provides a full money-back guarantee that tickets purchased through our ticket exchange will be authentic and valid for entry.
The Tenagra Ticket Exchange often has exceptionally good deals for people looking for premium seats and tickets for sold-out events. The prices for tickets listed in the Ticket Exchange are specified by each individual seller, and not by the Tenagra Ticket Exchange, and may be more or less than the original face value of the ticket.
A few tips for smart ticket shopping:
Use the search box to find the event, city or venue you are interested in.
Because ticket prices are set by each individual seller at the price point at which they are willing to give up their seat, a more expensive seat is not in every case a better seat. Feel free to consult the seating chart for the venue (at the top right of each ticket listing page) and select the seat that best meets your needs.
Also be aware that sometimes a seller will offer their general admission ticket for resale at a price greater than what is still available direct from the box office. That's fine when an event is sold out, but the offer doesn't make sense when it isn't. Use our site to find good deals, and just ignore the sellers with unrealistic expectations!
For additional information on how the Tenagra Ticket Exchange works, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.
The Tenagra Ticket Exchange is a service of Cityrocket, Inc., in partnership with TicketNetwork Direct.


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